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January 08, 2010



I will recommend not to hold off until you earn enough amount of money to order goods! You can just take the business loans or college loan and feel free

Kyle Caldwell, Atlanta

Sorry, Eric, but the internet and radio will walk together hand in hand just as radio and the former powerhouse yellow pages have done for decades. Ski resort advertising is maybe a billionth of a percent of the dough spent on advertising. How will the next new gigantic brand assure success? By using the intrusive, delicious power of the human voice to create the understanding and feeling consumers have toward that brand. And yes, they will also use some other things as well. Radio will "come back" when our leaders in this industry begin to recognize our undeniable strengths - like the human voice - and use their bully pulpits to educate marketers on how to properly exploit that power.

Shawn Foxx

I sure wish more of the powers that be would open themselves up to this rather simple thinking... The definition of insanity is to repeat a failinng action, only to expect a different outcome. Radio STILL has much viability in todays market, but no one remembers how to go about making the listeners the main component. Bring back the listeners, bring back the advertisers! If the clients know that their customers are listening, because of promos, numbers, hearing listeners on the air, the fun that was once had by ALL when radio catered to the listeners, advertisers are willing to become a part of that fun! Why is this so hard to grasp, people?


I wish my programming director would memorize your article!

Terry Hardin

Business as unusual is the new m.o. there is nothing usual about our current business or future business, and that is true for our customers as well. Using all the available media and non media resources to create value and provide a custom solution for every opportunity is a must.

Valerie Langford

I hope they heed your advice Eric!

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