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November 10, 2008


Iain Maclean

The new language isn't new at all. In the 1950s and 60s the legendary Bill Bernbach introduced the new style of advertising for VW. It didn't shout, "me, me, me." Unlike other automotive ads he only used black and white. The ads were disarmingly honest. For example, one headline read "It's ugly, but it gets you there." Another stated, "It makes your house look bigger."

The ads also demonstrated the benefits of ownership by dramatic demonstration, rather than hyperbolic claim with the famous TV commercial, "Guess which car the snow plough driver uses to get to the snow plough?"

As for using software to asses the quality of an ad, gimme a break. What you term "Adspeak" is still prevalent because the average age in ad agency creative departments is 28 and most don't know their asses from their elbows and have as much subtlety as a brick in a paper bag.

Marie Kazalia

*sex sells* has been the motto of the advertising industry for a long time--I'd like to see how you would deconstruct that too, in light of the new wooing ad speak

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