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May 10, 2010



great article!
I remember my first show.. solo in a local gallery, I woke up in a cold sweat a week before thinking 'WHAT AM I DOING?'
Since then I have exhibited in this small gallery three times and have another show next year building up a small following bit by bit. It takes time and constantly chipping away at the corners. I am learning the craft (reluctantly) of selling as well as making art.
I will definitely save this link for your magazine adds.

Eric Rhoads

This is an excellent observation however the idea of selling online and taking control, though valuable, means the artist needs to increase their marketing efforts and time sent on marketing. The value of a gallery is leverage..they sell when you are not able to, they can allow you to paint ...assuming they are successful. The best alternative for an artist is to take control and do it themselves however it is a slower road, requires more effort, and requires more time away from the easel.

Maria Brophy

Getting into a gallery is no longer crucial to an artist's career. There are many alternatives to selling original works. Online sales is very effective, and the artist gets to keep 100%. Another option is to rent a space for a month and give your own show. We've done that quite a few times and it's been very successful. I would suggest to any artist feeling defeated by the difficulty of getting into a gallery: Take control of your art sales and do it yourself! You can do it!

Marian Fortunati

Thanks for the great article.

I first saw your Artist Advocate magazine at a B&B in San Miguel De Allende where I was staying. It was fascinating.

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