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September 29, 2010



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Maria Brophy

Galleries have played an important role for many artists. Marketing is a huge burden for any creative professional.

However, there are different routes to success for an artist, and the gallery system is just one way to go.

I know many artists, including one I represent, that has never had the marketing help from a gallery but has found enviable success.

The gallery system is here to stay, but things are changing rapidly. Just like the publishing business has changed, the art business has, too.

The business of art has gotten easier for artists in the last 10 years. It's in their control more now than ever.

These days, if you are talented AND good at business and marketing, you can find success on your own. And that's a wonderful thing! (No need to sell yourself to a system - but instead, directly to your fans!)

PS: I get your magazine - it's well done!


I'm a artist and I definitely agree, Art Gallery's play a vital role in building an artist reputation, which leads to recognition, which leads to sells. And there's nothing like the mingling at your openings with potential and existing customers.

Seeing a picture on line cannot compare to viewing a real piece of artwork live in person. The impact in person is far greater, along with the mingling with people, food, wine and music. Not to mention the work on line can be manipulated to look better than it truly is, and can be made to look bigger. At a gallery, what you see is what you get. But on line, the colors may be brighter or darker than it really is in person.

So what will the emerging artist do without art gallerys and no reputation? What will their resume consist of? Try to sell artwork with no history and no recognition, and I'm not talking about art for $50.00 dollars or a few hundred dollars. That's like applying for a job without a resume with no history to back up your qualifications!

I could say a lot more about the pro's and con's on this subject, but I'm done.

Artwork without gallery's, oh no, oh my!


Dan Young

I have had a website for years and it does not supply enough sales. How many jobs do you want as an artist? Sales, marketing, packing , shipping, framing, and accounting are all jobs requiring different skills.....after spending yesterday framing I want to give that up..... I would rather be painting.... My galleries are vital... I get marketing feed back, honest opinions and friendship when I am discouraged.. I also did outdoor art shows for nine years.... I found it cost more than 50% of income to do the shows and I worked 7 days per week!!!!.... With the huge overhead a gallery deserves 50%!
Dan Young www.danyoungartist.com

Andrey Lyssenko

onderful article! It's what we need! Thanck you, Mr. Rhoads!

Esther J. Williams

Hello Eric, I attended both talks at the Marriott. It was a very informative seminar and I took many notes. Thanks for doing that for us artists. Even though I sold my last 5 paintings from online sources, I still am pursuing art galleries for inclusion of my work. It`s more exposure, to gain in many ways. I can also hang larger works there if I want. I can drive people there through internet marketing also. Some people insist on viewing the actual art to make a decision. I can think up so many positive reasons for concrete art galleries. I just went to one in Laguna Beach today that I am trying to get into, so I am all for it.

Clara Berta

great article, thanks for sharing powerful and inspiring ideas with us. Artists always need a support system and a community to share their work.

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