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February 06, 2012



If you want to buy real estate, you will have to receive the mortgage loans. Furthermore, my father commonly uses a college loan, which occurs to be really useful.

jack warden

I must say that I find this concern with lucre so antithetical to my concern with art that I would rather earn my bread some other way and paint as I see fit.

Eric Rhoads

Peter: Thanks for the compliment. I just write what is on my heart. No formal training.

Peter Worsley

Once agin this proves the great writing skills of Eric,

Esther J. Williams

Great article Eric! Thanks for writing it. It compounds my thoughts today on how to become more revered as an artist in this highly competitive career. Many steps need to be taken by the artist. We have to look objectively and with foresight upon our standing in the arena. We can not hang on the coat tails of an established artist, we have to create our own brand by being true to ourselves.

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