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October 18, 2012



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love it, nice article. you describe very well

Eric Rhoads

Perhaps you would be willing to point out what you feel are suspect about my methods. Snake oil sales would indicate that I'm selling something, which I don't stand behind. I offer a guarantee that if my methods are followed that if it does not see an increase in your sales after one year of following these practices I will refund the buyer's money. I am following marketing practices, which are not only legitimate but highly ethical.


I think the term "Snake Oil" describes your approach to sell this DVD. You may have valuable advice, but your methods are suspect.
Susan Williamson

Stan Layman


I was a commercial artist / photographer for L & L Studio. I started working there in 1963 on a part time basis. I have been disabled since 2003. Before that I painted up to 40 canvases and 20 illustrations a week. Now, I barely manage to paint six canvases a year. Back in the 70's my work sold for $16.50 / square inch. I have not even shown any of my work since 1991. I will be doing a one man show at the Logansport Art Association during the month of July 2013. Another Art Advisor has informed me that my work will sell for around $6.00 / square inch. I felt like my insides were jerked out when I heard this. My health started a downward spiral in the mid 80's. I barely manage to paint 6 canvases a year. I'm unable to produce as much as I once did and now in addition to that I am expected to be happy with 1/3 the money for my work? So Double Art Sales Recession is worse than that for me.

All my best,

Stan Layman

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