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July 03, 2014


Anne Allbeury-Hock

Hi Eric....How I hated to miss the Adirondack experience! The Lyme's
disease is under control now.,.and I thank one and all at Streamline
for all the courtesies. I have signed up for the 4th Convention and hope that you can address some of the angles for "aging" artists.Also, Where I live is not doing very well with art sales. Two very large Festivals seem
to use up all the sales and leave we locals out on a limb. I have work in
two galleries, but no recent sales. anyway, Thanks for the shoulder!!! Best from Annielizzie

Theresa Grillo Laird

Thank you Eric for this excellent post! I agree with Marsha Gilliam too!

Lori Putnam

I'll be there! Thank you for giving so much to change people's lives.

Linda Leonard Hughes

Dear Eric, Thank You for sending this very important blog to us! I will always remember the day you spent an hour going over things about marketing with me! You are still trying to help artist's everywhere. Marketing workshops by you would be wonderful. Thanks Again!

Peter Worsley

To help professional visual artists who wish to become independent, "Marketing For Professional Artists" is a new book I have recently published on Amazon Books as soft back and Kindle versions, as iBook, and as an Audiobook, all available world wide. It includes a detailed discussion about marketing and selling your art:


Arthur Lowe

Thank you very much Eric. Happy travels.

Marguerite Lyons

Your desire to help artists market their work is great. As one who cannot attend the plein air convention....how may I "attend" and learn. Hope this leads to great things. Marguerite Lyons

Marsha Rhodes Gilliam

Dear Eric,
What would be most wonderful is if, for a fee, "How to Quit Your Stinking Job and Live the Dream of Being a Financially Successful Full-Time Artist" could be presented as a webinar in addition, or along with, the real workshop; or else, be recorded for later broadcast for the benefit of those of us who are unable to attend in real life. That would be so fantastic!


Thanks for the info. I am already living my plan in retirement, since It never really panned out while I was working. OK I Give. HELP. Thank You God!

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