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August 05, 2014


Lori Putnam

Wonderful post, Eric. I'll be there bright and early! Thank you for sharing.

J.E. (Jim) Daly

Eric, Very practical suggestions and much common sense in your points.

Your recognition of Brian Sweetland, aside from the fact that his approach to making a living from his art is in line with your thesis, is much deserved. Brian was a gifted artist, but more than that, a most decent person. He is greatly missed by his many friends and collectors. Thank you for mentioning Brian.

J.E. Daly
Hudson, MA

Linda Leonard Hughes

Dear Eric,

I know you are right and I am planning on studying your DVD's to help me get the plan in action. We moved this year and life has been in the way. I still paint every day and am now back to using a different web-site to get some traffic. I also am looking at different galleries. I need to get busy with your Boot Camp DVD's next. We are so lucky to have you helping. We need to wake up every morning and as you say Go for it!

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