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December 16, 2014


Kathleen Wofford

Speaking of guarantees you mention here on your blog, I remember reading that there was on for the boot camp videos but I cannot find it. Also, does the $178 (?) price cover all three? I'd emailed both questions several weeks ago and have not had a reply. Please advise. I'm really interested in watching.

norma greenwood

To Dave-I am curious -can you tell us the name of the app you downloaded to your tablet?


Obviously a goal list should be written on something like a 3x5 card and carried with you at all times. Putting it on a phone or tablet is way too easy to forget (ignore) it. My solution for that was to download an app for my tablet that sits right on the home screen. I don't have to open anything because it is always there when I turn on the tablet. And my tablet sits in a cradle on my desk and is on at all times when I'm at my desk. It also serves as my desk clock and weather station. Sometimes it's even my Pandora radio station. The point is that the goal "sheet" is right there next to the clock and easy to see at all times.

Jason Adamik

Eric, I am really inspired by your messages. I have your Boot Camp and the annual expo in California on my goals list for the next year. Thanks for what you're doing.

John Patrick Weiss

Great reminder. I keep a small journal to track my goals and find it more effective than the digital approach. But ever way, the point is to stay on top of it! Thanks.

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