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July 13, 2015


Fiona Purdy

AWESOME POST!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for this!

Marlena Burger

Hello, Eric,

Well, you got me excited about it. My husband always complains that I do not get started early enough for Christmas marketing.

By the end of October, I start to get many custom scarf commissions where I have to do lots of photo editing and layouts.
By the first week of December I have to turn them people away because I am over booked. But if I could start in July or August, I could make a lot more people happy for Christmas.

I print custom made scarves so I would edit the letter to fit. Also upgrade the red envelope to something more subtle but still Christmasy.

It may cost $100.00 to mail 200 envelopes but that would be one scarf.

Thanks for the marketing tip now...I just have to do it!

Designer Scarves

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