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July 17, 2015


Miguelito Iglesias

What is the price that most original art and reproduction art sell for?
Is selling prints for a fair price so everyone can afford and then selling the original for a high price so collectors can compete, a good idea?
Please advice

Linda Blondheim

I agree Eric. I've been using direct mail for years and it is still my best marketing resource. I sometimes send little gifts to collectors through the mail and add a quick sketch to the outside of the envelope. They really love to get mail from me.
Linda Blondheim

Maria Brophy

Totally agree, Eric! I've mailed postcard campaigns in the past and they are very effective. The key is to remain consistent. (Just sending one will not get results). I often recommend that fine artists, looking to sell to corporate collectors, commit to a one year campaign - send one postcard to art brokers/consultants every month for 12 months.

A postcard with a beautiful art image is worth keeping for many people. You'll find over time that some people begin collecting your postcards, and looking forward to them.

Then, when you make that "cold call" to a potential client, and you say "I've sent you a few postcards, did you receive them" - they feel like they already know you, and are more willing to explore possibilities with you.

And you are so right about this; no one does it anymore, that's why it's so effective!

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