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May 03, 2016


Debra Davis

Very good idea. Eric, I wish you would write a book or an ebook. I have all of the Bootcamps and can't wait for the "Box" to come out. I like having the written material to refer back to. Let me know if you do. Thanks for all you do.

Francesco Fontana

Make lot of sense Eric. Thanks for reminding me this key concept!

Lorna Allan.

Thanks Eric, most helpful and a good reminder for many of us.
I sold a painting a few years ago and kept in touch with the client inviting them to exhibitions where my work would be exhibited. I was building the relationship, looking after it. They were/are such a lovely family. I wasnt doing it at any annoying rate, just enough to keep in touch. Three years later he asked me to do some commissions of their family farm which has been in the family for almost 100 years. These are to be handed down through generations of the family and how humbling and what an honor that is for me. I am still working on these but in the meantime that family and their extended family have become good friends of mine, even welcoming me to the farm for Christmas. Life is good.

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