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March 31, 2017



Just realized I put my comment in the reply rather than comment, sorry. Just a cautionary word or two, Dogs are the best, we have 3. But don't delude yourself. The kids will spend time with the dog but the dog will be yours and your wife's. The triplets go off to college in 3 years (and if you are lucky won't come home after!) the dog will live to be about 18...do the math. And as you said how many summers do we have left. Now if you want to share your life with a dog, that is great and very rewarding, just so you know this is not just about the kids and what they want. This will be your responsibility for most of it's life. And once you take the dog it is yours.

Lorraine Davis

My yellow lab had three puppies... They were to go to at least two other families. It was vary hard to part with any of them . We finally relinquished one to a friend and kept the other two. We have mom and her babies and have loved every minute. Four boys three dogs! Life is good... And hairy!😉

Jane Coleman

Dogs are so wonderful and it sounds like your children are up to the task of caring for and loving a dog which should be a special member of the family and treated like your best friend or how you want to be loved and treated. Dogs like love, play interacting with you and scheduled feeding times, walk or exercise times and bed and wake-up times. Hope it works out well for you and your children, but mostly for your new canine family member.

Eric Rhoads

update... we want d to adopt both but they wanted to break th m up, which we though was a bad idea. ,And there were people when got on the list ahead of us... so we will keep looking.

Marion Howard

I think you are going to take both dogs home. You can't separate the twins.
Your triplets won't let you do that. Enjoy. See you at the convention.

corinne a garrett

EVERY kid needs a dog. Nuff said.

Gina Murrow

I just finished a trade show this weekend where I had a booth for my art business. Many people told me things like "I see your ad on Facebook" or "I see your art van around town and I've been meaning to sign up for your art experience" (we have a wrapped van). I'm beginning to understand what you mean by repetition.


If you're going to SEE the twins in person, you've already lost that battle and the new battle will become "How can we separate them? We should be BOTH."
Looking forward to seeing puppy pix! You should name him or her Ditto. or Percy - for Perseverence.

charlene lane

After loosing my Airedale my sister repetitively told me to get another dog for my other Airedale etc. She said we would all be happier. In fact she never stopped saying it!!!! With out much enthusiasm I caved in. Lots more noise and fun in the house now. Yes repetition did it! Enjoy the pups.


No one ever visited a puppy-up-for-adoption and came home empty handed. You are done. Just admit you are getting a dog and use your energy negotiating care responsibilities. The only question now is whether it's one dog or two and what you call it or them. Enjoy!

Ruth Soller

We adopted a puppy that looked like the photo you showed us, a mixed terrier/miniature Schnauser. Our sons loved her and she became my walking companion for nearly thirteen years. She endeared herself by copying our language. When we returned from shopping, she asked "weere were wou?". When she wanted a treat, "wy want won". Six years after her passing, we still miss her. Yes, we did soon adopt another dog and began an entirely new adventure!

Monica Dahl

And if you need an oil or graphite portrait, I can help!
(I have four dogs!They also help keep you healthy).
Wishing you lots of joy!


Janet Triplett

Get both! It's a job when they are puppies but later it's a bonus for all! Have always had two of varying ages but lost two within 4 months so went crazy and got twins. So glad I did! They are now four and great together and with us!
Enjoy! Laugh! Love!

Rhonda Hancock

Enjoy your new dogs.


They need a dog, Eric. It's good for them and good for you guys when the nest is empty. I strongly do not suggest two, though. It changes the game totally. We did that with our last dog, got her a buddy. Loved him dearly but now that he's passed, never again. Just my two cents worth. Great article, by the way!

Terri Littlejohn

You can't break up a set! If one is good, two is better. Repetition--you said it.

Marcia Ballowe

I think you have lost the battle. Wait until they tell you that the dogs live longer when they have another dog around as a playmate. They stay more active and are not lonely when the kids are at school. My son has 5 dogs now because his girls know every sales pitch.


I think you are about to have twins. Repetition definitely works!

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