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May 03, 2017


Edward Wedler

B. Eric Rhoads, I did not know you before but I do now.
Should one EXPECT to be "known" by those in the art community? Personally, I do not think so. But I do believe in always running scared and using guerrilla marketing tactics.

Thank you for a sobering lesson.


Jean-Marie Chapman

I am literally laying my head on a My Pillow while reading your excellent message. 😊 My background is as a public relations professional, and you hit all the high spots with your insightful word picture of how we can become mesmerized by our own hype. Thank you! Now I find myself curious to learn about "your story," since I've not had the privilege of hearing you in person. Please direct me to that information. Thank you!

John P. Weiss

Your art marketing book camp at the convention this year was enlightening and helpful. Enjoyed briefly talking with you in the vendor area. Thanks for a great convention and expo!

Chima Ogbonnaya

Thank you very much,

This is a powerful tool and amazing insight that can lead to everlasting marketing success. With this wonderful information, Art marketers are prepared to continuously fuel there Art marketing without ceasing.
These are real manures in our roots to grow our giant trees.
I'm impressed with this unmeasurable wisdom.
keep in touch.

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