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June 22, 2017


Theresa Grillo-Laird

Glad I kept this email for reading later! Would have like to see a few more examples of how to stand out when you have the chance to meet someone you've been wanting to meet.

Chima Ogbonnaya

Much thanks Mr.Rhodes,

This is very necessary for our growth, You always hits some major points that would surely help boost our art carear. More especially we Artists performing in Africa, preparing to fit the international standerd, the tools you're providing are very helpful.
Thank you again.


I am packing today flying to the UK this evening and was just checking my emails "quickly" and your subject line grabbed my attention and your beginning line hooked me enough to click through.. I am glad I took time.

It is really a valid point you make and yes, the "shoulds" do fall on us. Your advice to take the responsibility to promote ourselves consistently (but not stalkerly) is very timely for me with a joint exhibition that I am getting involved with and want to see it do as well as it can.

Thank you for the reminder!!

Karlene Bland

Wow.. that is very helpfu, Mr. Rhodes.. so true that we're in our own little world doing our bit and then think that there are more people who sees and remembers us when in actual fact, everyone is busy and thinking about their own stuff too.
Thank you for writing to help us understand your position from your vantage point!

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