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January 13, 2009


Steve Rae

Eric, It is so refreshing to hear somebody else echoing what seems to have been my mantra for the past few months. It drives me nuts to see national newscasts boohooing the North American car industry (for example) then segueing into a spot set featuring ads from two of the big three on the very station that just slammed them. We are doing simple things on our station, like our choice of language used to describe a down day on the stock market. Instead of a "plummet", the stock market simply "went down." So thank you for this positive viewpoint on the situation. By the way, I just heard today that analysts are saying this recession is going to be deep but blessedly short. The media needs to report this really good news.

Trey Morris

Amen Eric!

How the media doesn't understand that the economy is a "self fulfilling prophecy" is beyond me. If "we" think the economy is good, then it'll become better. If "we" think the economy is bad, then it'll get worse.

Hopefully, next Tuesday, the media will be "inspired" to finally help a President improve the economy.

I, for one, will be thrilled to see anything positive in the news...anything!

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