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May 13, 2009



I had a dream to start my own business, nevertheless I did not have enough of cash to do that. Thank goodness my close fellow said to take the home loans. Therefore I received the sba loan and made real my dream.

juliet bain

Is there any way to say to Larry Wilson how much I admire his love for his rescue dogs! If only more wealthy people cared like he does.
Thank you so much.
Juliet Bain.

Chris Kennedy

Some people dismiss the power of positivity but it is true, when you take an honest look at it. Positive results and positive thinking go hand-in-hand. People are naturally influenced by many things -- both fear-based (e.g. Swine/H1N1, shark attacks, anthrax scares, whatever) and the positive.

Fear-based thinking only keeps people -- and companies -- small, closed, scared, limited, neutered...and, ultimately, powerless to action

Positive-based thinking keeps people -- and companies -- growing, reaching-forward, building, investing...and, ultimately, empowered for action.

Visualize with positivity and witness the right solutions!

Kelly Orchard

I'm with Andrew Deal -- True broadcasters must come back! Somebody call me!

Dave Newton

Amen, Eric. Also read Malcolm Gladwell on underdogs at www.NewYorker.com.

Bob Soos

I think it's time more true broadcasters get back in the business....and commodity managers GET OUT!!

Andrew Deal of CelleCast

Glad to be on your team Eric!

JJ Duling

As always- RIGHT ON!

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