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May 12, 2009


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Larry Wilson is the man u don't mess with a man that knows how to run a great radio station.

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Double J

Does anybody know if Larry made sure that CBS Radio in Portland cut the staff, traded off stations to Clear Channel before he finalized the deal?

At 64 he is probably the front man for a dying industry.


Citadel, as explained to us when he bought the radio stations I worked for, is a fortress, because radio was a war, a war to be fought to the bitter end, the one with the strogest 'fortress/Citadel', won . . . unfortunetly the end was for many of the 'valued' employees his henchman fired . . . Larry, the wheeler dealer is back, but to late to save radio.


Larry sold out to Citadel. A company that doesn't value, people or talent. What does Larry really value? MONEY!

John Caracciolo

Great news, I would love to talk to him!

Dave Combes

Why is Larry Wilson good news?
He's a broadcaster.
Look at Citadel when he had it and what has happened to it since he left.
Larry Wilson's re-entry is great news for broadcasting.

Neal Gladner

Eric - I worked for Larry and agree with just about everything you wrote. He was good to work for, passionate about our industry and engendered loyalty because he treated his folks with respect and wanted everyone, not just himself, to succeed.
One correction. The Ranch is in Montana.

Mary Quass

I am happy he's back also.

Chris Bernier

Eric, you have it right! We have the same reaction here at Armada, now is the time for the equity people to be investing in radio.
Chris Bernier, CEO, Armada Media

Bob Neumann

Larry is exactly what this business needs now. So happy to see him back in the game!

Donny Hughes

Great news when someone like Larry Wilson gets back in the ring - ding ding, seconds out....

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