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June 03, 2009


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Another classy and nicely written post, Eric - well said. It's sad to see yet another iconic piece of the radio industry laid to rest. RIP, R&R.

Laurie Walls

Thank you to all of the R&R staff, past and present, for your dedication to a fantastic publication. It has been our bible at the station since our first song on air. R&R will be missed.


The premise of using radio airplay to determine chart position - and therefore radio airplay - is one of the major reasons music radio is in decline today. I can't say I'm sorry to see the industry leader of this method go away.


Oh, I almost forgot. I loved the Y-100 mention. I grew up on it in Miami Beach, I'm now in California.

I was a little kid when I first heard "Tanner in the Morning." I also remember Christopher Cross coming in to reword parts of "Ride Like the Wind" with references to Y-100. I think it was something like "You got to rise, rise again with Tanner in the Morning to be free again -- on Y-100!"

I'm just a big believer in keeping things going, perhaps in other forms. I have early influences, for which I'm grateful.


I don't want to sound insensitive, especially because I'm in the music industry too and liked your publication.

In later generations, especially in groups I manage, I'm noticing people more accustomed to the notion of things NOT lasting so many years. I see this particularly in Gen Y, and the value I see in that is not becoming overly attached to something.

It could mean that the age of loyalty is dead. If that's a good thing or not, it's not for me to judge. Some of my younger colleagues tell me they would call it a jail to have to work for a place 30 years to collect a gold watch.

If anything, this could provide an opportunity to launch a kind of magazine you really want. Would online be the best form, something more feasible moneywise? Would certain limited issues in print be best for customer who are willing to pay and the majority online? I don't see online vs. print as an either-or proposition. Sometimes it's tough to warm up with a Kindle.

Anyway, I'd like to say if you had something that lasted so long, rather than going nostalgic about "what you have done," think of the next "what you can do"'s!

Good luck -- and get some R&R in the form of rest and relaxation.


It is amazing that this many people can reminisce about a publication that did everything possible to keep the wool pulled over its readers eyes. It went out of its way to keep radio news from ever appearing in print.

I stopped subscribing the day after Richard Branson spoke at R&R’s first convention in Los Angeles. The next day I looked at the Los Angeles Times business section and read a lengthy story about his speech and then read R&R’s account. You would have thought there were two different conventions with two different speakers.

R&R was Pravda for the radio minions. It was good at blowing smoke up everyone’s backsides. It worked hard at keeping the bad news from being in print.

So, finally there was not enough losers still employed to keep subscribing. So the bottom fell out.

R&R became as obsolete as the medium it was reporting on.

A Just End!

T.J. Lambert

When you loopk up "class" in the dictionary there are the pictures of old friends Bob Wilson and Erica Farber and the countless family members at R & R over the years! As well as words can be put out there, Eric you've done a fine job of remembering an old "friend" in R & R...thanks.

Joshua Fleming

It is not often reading something can make me stand up out of my chair and cheer! (Especially after doing the morning show)
Kudo's, Eric!! God Bless all former R&R staffers....

I was brought back to the early and mid 90's when I spent a few years at HITMAKERS MAGAZINE.
Using Netscape to sneek a peak at All Access and exploring the internet. I knew that after the FIRST double-click that trade magazines would never be the same.


Joshua Fleming, CRME
VP/Station Manager
"Hot Hits" 97-7 KRCK-FM
Palm Springs, CA

John Ford

I knew when they had a site redesign the end was near! (Kinda like getting the station staff jacket. as soon as the staff got em', you knew the format change was coming). It is sad. Radio and Records was the connecting fabric for the industry for three decades. God bless the Internet. Destroyer of industries! Welcome to the brave new world, where 'old' media dies with a whimper.

Valerie Langford

Thank you Eric for expressing the sentiments felt by many in our industry. Thank you R&R staff for your excellent work thoughout the years. You will be missed!

Rod Schwartz

Eric, I wondered what you'd have to say when I learned about R&R's unfortunate demise yesterday morning.

You did not disappoint. You treated is for what it is: a death in the family.

Your eulogy was insightful and sensitive.

Hopefully those left behind will quickly find suitable positions elsewhere in the industry.

Good job.

Sharon Baer

Thank you for this article. I feel like someone has cut off a finger, that is how much I have depended on my R&R "Bible" to help me make the best recommendations for my clients, licensing production music. I wish all of those talented and passionate Radio folks the very best.

Scott Chase, Saga Clarksville, TN

Great article... it's certainly a testament to the need for all of us to evolve in a changing industry.

R&R used to be the one publication I counted on every week, and I remember how excited I got the first time I saw my name in Street Talk; I thought I had arrived.

Jerry Katz

A few of us old (and former) radio heads were sad to learn the news that Radio & Records would be closing it’s doors. The R&R weekly newspaper of radio music was the bible for music directors for years. I actually attended an early R&R convention in Atlanta and even had my picutre with Lorne Green in the publication. It was me and Green, reading the R&R as he was on the set of the made for television mini series, “Roots”. For a short time, I was even a reporter (not like you think) when working at WSAV. We would report the music added each week. Whenever I could get around to a convention, it was always fun to grab the latest issue and catch up. (from www.opelikadailynews.com)

Sandy Josephson


You always were a class act. And Erica Farber was very helpful to me in my early days with NYMRAD and in my quest to stay in the radio industry when NYMRAD was downsized.

Scotty Mac

Eric, Wise words. Our industry may be more business-oriented today than in the past, but we STILL work in a neighborhood of friends who love what they do.

Scotty Mac-Clear Channel New Orleans/Baton Rouge/Augusta GA

AL Guevara

It says a lot when I could literally pick the phone up and get Erica on the line. Class people doing a great job. It's sad to see the end come like this.
Thank you, Eric, for putting into words what crossed my mind.
~ AL Guevara
Border Media Laredo

Barry Michaels

I remember being a young, wet behind the ears baby DJ finally talking my boss into springing for R&R. Getting it in the mail every Friday was big deal. I remember...
Nice job, Eric.

Vinny Brown

I was raised on the weekly content of R&R since I’ve been in radio. It’s sad to see the end of an era. Much like Bobby Rich, I too have saved a similar note of congratulations from Erica Farber after being named one of R&R’s PD of the year while at WRKS New York in the early 90’s. It became a keepsake. Respect to Erica, Bob and all those who have contributed through the years. Eric, thank you for summarizing it best. Class act.
Vinny Brown
KJLH Los Angeles

Deborah Dunlevy Todd

Ive been a broadcaster for 33 years. R&R has always been there for me. For us. Thanks, Eric for giving them the credit they are due.

Deborah Dunlevy Todd
Louisiana Traffic Network
Gulf Coast Traffic Network

John ODay

Wow, that is sad news, that is one of the first publications I got some acknowledgement in as a young radio personality, way back when.

They were one of the staples of the industry, that will not only be missed but hopefully others could have learned from.

I've seen recently a lot of similar publications come and go over the years, talk about revolving doors.

I've been out of the commercial side for awhile now, but radio is a thing that has become as much a part of me as breathing, and R&R was one of those mainstays.

I stand with all of the others in saluting the staff of R&R for all your great years of industry coverage. My best wishes to all.

Adam Jacobson

Well, it looks like I am the first former R&R editor to post a note here. My tenure at Radio and Records started in December 1995, when Ron Rodrigues took a chance and hired some radio geek with a journalism degree fresh out of American University. How I landed the job is a wacky story in and of itself, but moving from Washington, DC to Los Angeles and taking a job at R&R was like a dream. I cherished "the bible" of the radio world, and during my 10 1/2 years as a reporter and editor honed my craft under great people like Ron, Erica Farber, Kevin McCabe, Tony Novia, Gail Mitchell and people behind the scenes like Margo Tone, Don Waller, Julie Gidlow and the marvelous Hurricane Heeran.
There's also Cyndee Maxwell, and dozens of other people that made R&R special.
And that says it all - it was the People that made R&R special.
Like any job, there will be good days and frustrating days. But unlike any other job, I have made lifelong friends with so many former R&R co-workers.
Never again may I find another place where the People mattered so much. And that's sad.
In my office is a framed copy of the cover of an R&R newspaper announcing my promotion to Marketing/Management/Sales Editor. It was given to me by Erica, with a plaque that said "Congratulations."
It hangs in my Miami Beach office today.
And today when I heard of R&R's demise, I looked at my frame and shed a tear.

Tom Yates

Well said Eric! This is a fine longtime relationship and will be sorely missed, old media or no...the birthplace of AOR and on and on...a lot of history in an industry that is increasingingly losing touch with its roots and its basics.

Tom Yates
The Coast

Michael Dalfonzo

It was a badge of honor to be an R&R P1 reporting station when I was programming WSHE in Miami. I'll always remember the first R&R convention in Atlanta that I went to, my first radio convention ever. to Cindie and the rest of the fine folks at R&R we salute you and wish you all the best.

Don Wilson

It is a sad day to see something that has been a huge part of the radio world for so long, end it's run.
When I first started in radio in 1988, I discoverd R&R and always looked at it as a great resource for learning more about my new profession.
I could not wait for Friday to come and get my hands on the new issue!
My best to C. Maxwell and the entire crew!

Steve Wall

I received a nice letter or two from Erica Farber and made friends with many great people on the staff over the years at R&R. Cyndee, Kevin, Keith, John, and many others...

I remember my first R&R convention in Dallas back in the mid 80's, and the amazing times at the Westin in SF!

They may take the name off the market but the memories are legendary and history was made over and over again. It's hard to believe that's gone.

Those simple little gestures and the kind people who worked at R&R over the years are champions in our industry.

I wish all of them a speedy return to success in their future endeavors, what ever they may be.

With grattitude to the staff at R&R, thank you for the many years of quality information!

Howard Lapides

With the class and dignity that
Bob Wilson and company deserved. Cudo's to all that got to play at this great giant for all 36 years. I remember reading my first copy of R&R..with
awe and wonder. Finally there was a publication that spoke to me. I am long out of radio, but radio runs in my veins everyday of my life. It always will. I am sorry for all of us that you had to write this Eulogy. My nightmare
now is that you may have to write a bigger Eulogy. One for the industry we all so love.
Let's all work and hope that never has to happen.

Howard Lapides

Steven McKiney

It just shows once more how "bad" things are . We will all miss Radio and Records . To everyone there you did a great service to this industry

Jeff McMurray - Program Director Sports 1140 - KHTK

I have a handwritten note of congratulations from Erica Farber dated December of 1990 when I became PD of KSEG in Sacramento. That note meant a lot to me and I still have it. Too few people recognize the class & impact that a handwritten note carries. In this electronic age, there are still some things that are just better on paper. I will not forget her taking the time to make that simple gesture. Thanks R&R. Along with many other radio icons, you will be missed.

Bobby Rich

Thank you for your classy words Eric. I feel a little guilty for telling Erica 10 years ago that I thought R&R needed to continue printing (rather than go electronic). Like everyone else in our industry, I had many friends who also were among the R&R family. What Bob Wilson started and Erica Farber continued should be in OUR Hall of Fame.

Norman Feuer

Nice job in Eulogizing an outstanding Publication and great people, eric


Thanks Thom. We should also be saluting you for all your years of service at Arbitron. Sorry to see you go! -Eric

Thom Mocarsky

I have the highest respect for all the reporters and editors at Radio and Records. Their coverage of the industry and the issues of importance has always been objective and informative. I salute the diligence and insights of all the reporters and format editors who have illuminated the accomplishments of the radio industry.

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