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June 12, 2009


Frank Zappala


Great perspective. It is often difficult when you are up to your armpits in alligators, to remember that the mission is to preserve the swamp! There are essential elements to the ultimate survival and continued growth of radio, that do not relate to the immediate revenue and cash flow picture.
An organization without a vision, strategic plan, and dedicated effort to build image and value will soon go the way of the dinasaur.

Stations, and station groups need a strong organization promoting the value of the radio industry, its importance to every day life, and remind planners and marketers that in a new digiatl age, radio will play an even bigger role in influencing consumers.

Bob Doll, trade press and radio history author

Your article is excellent. I can understand that RAB may have to cut back, but, that should be done carefully. In
my town, the local radio station, is running a message directed to the local business and professional people, offering the station, its daily free circulation newspaper and web site as help in solving problems and realizing opportunities during the recession.
The message reminds listeners that "tough times don't last - but, tough people do." The RAB needs to embrace that kind of posture. IT SHOULD NOT MERGE
WITH NAB. Each organization has
its distinct important mission.

Rod Schwartz - Grace Broadcast Sales

I gratefully plunked down my $210 for a personal RAB membership.

This is something I've asked them for on more than one occasion over the years, because the stations I've worked for haven't always been able to sustain their RAB membership.

For anyone involved in selling or creating radio advertising, the RAB archives are a treasure trove to rival Captain Barbossa's stash on the Isla de Muerta.

With your permission, Eric, I'd like to post your timely article up at Radio Sales Café (www.radiosalescafe.com), where I am urging all radio advertising sales professionals, whose stations do not already belong to RAB, make this important investment in their careers and their clients' successes.

One hopes that the RAB won't hesitate to speak frankly and freely about their needs. Such transparency is not only in keeping with the spirit of the times, but I believe would accrue to their benefit in terms of response from a grateful broadcast community.

Great piece, Eric!

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