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October 15, 2009


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Bob Martin

Just imagine, in this day and age, if there was a way to be positive and attract the kind of attention that the Becks, Limbaughs, O'Reillys, etc attract. Is there no way to be outrageously positive and attract attention (aside from being Barak Obama?).

michael fischer

Great post Eric...we are by nature in the persuasion business...so with all the buzz of ppm why do people think radio needs to shut up and play more music...is that persuasive? listen to my station to hear more music? How about great talent that talk about relevant things...

Rod Schwartz - Grace Broadcast Sales

Funny story, Eric. Reminided me of an episode back in the mid-70s, when I was working at KAGE AM/FM in Winona, MN. We'd decided to put Alan Barzman and Pat McCormick's syndicated comedy vignettes "From Studio B" on the air. I'd sold the exclusive sponsorship to a local lumberyard/home center, and we spent two weeks teasing the program by "building" the fictitious Studio B, with live updates several times a day, letting our listeners know how the work was progressing. Of course, we used the appropriate sound effects and "workers'" voices in the background to create the mental theatre. At the beginning of the second week of the tease campaign, a city of Winona building inspector huffed into the front office and demanded to speak to someone about the construction that was going on "without a proper permit." He left red-faced and we all had a great guffaw over the effectiveness of our little drama.

Those were the days...


Great Story Eric!!

I wasn't sure what direction you were going in, but I appreciate the overall statement of drawing attention to yourself and not the message that it may actually have.

Rush is pushing it... but, that is why he is where he is.

Atlanta, GA

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