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January 22, 2010



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Tom Kay (Executive Director, The Conclave)

There aren’t many non-profit organizations serving the radio-TV world. So, when one well-meaning non-profit organization makes what has been perceived, at best, as a public relations gaffe - or characterized, at worst, as a dark-hearted money grab…the industry takes unfortunate notice. No matter the opinion of the merits of an award prompted by a contribution, the BFOA does good work and should continue being supported. Just as other industry non-profit organizations like The Conclave do good work. But while the Conclave too relies on industry support, it does not name awards after contributors. Instead, our supporters find reward in looking into the eyes of a young person who has just been given a Conclave scholarship that will launch them into the profession of their dreams…or into those eyes of an attendee to one of our seminars or webinars who has been given knowledge that will make them, their station, and their community stronger. So, please don’t let your feelings regarding the Broadcast Foundation allow you to turn your back on all non-profits working inside the industry. A contribution to the Conclave may not produce an award in your name, but if you choose to be in attendance at next summer’s Conclave scholarship ceremony to gaze upon students excited to enter YOUR industry, I guarantee you will find your prize to be greater.

Bob Fox

The Broadcasters Foundation does great work. Lowry could give more than $150,000.00 and I wish there was not an award with his name on it. It is not necessary, and perhaps this can be negotiated in the future. In the meantime it is a very good idea and necessity to contribute to the Foundation. The award with Lowry's name is irrelevant - in my opinion.


Short memories forget that Lowry and Sons brought you a new, prosperous era in this ancient technology.

National radio is all my local market wants to hear. We are repeater radio, in HD, yet.

Ronald McFondled
Hugh Janus
E. Normus Johnson
Jack Doff
Ira Leasgas
Howie Feltersnatch
Holden McGroin
Attorneys at Law, Radio Operations, Screen Doors, and Rodeo Tack

Eric Rhoads

Whoa Kansas.

Im not patting anyone on the back. Pay attention and dont get caught up in the Clear Channel hazing. I have had many strong opinions about this company which I have written. Im not any softer on these issues. But you seem to be missing the point. This foundation helps people in need (yeah maybe even some his company has displaced) and my only interest in a time of economic difficulty is to find some way to help these people with cancers, people on their death beds, people who cant pay hospital bills...all brothers and sisters from radio. Im not excusing anyones actions or letting anyone off the hook. But if it takes giving his name to the award to get some dough into this good organization, so be it.


So a man who has displaced thousands of good broadcasters, felt bad about a story you told him, and donated some money. say thanks and end it there.

If your true thought is to be the last hope of broadcasters in times of need, save the 40 bucks it costs to make an award and put it into something more useful. Like giving it to an intern at a radio station working his a** off to get a shot at actually working there.

Mays has done nothing more and nothing less than ruin this industry. Whether or not the damage he did is beyond repair remains to be seen.

Here is an idea. Say thank you for the donation, give him his receipt so he can deduct it on his taxes and move on.
naming an award for excellence in broadcasting for him is somewhere akin to naming an award after Dane Cook for excellence in comedic writing.

IMHO broadcasters who think this is ok are the reason we are in the boat we are in. The lay over and take it approach isn't working obviously. Patting the man on the back when he helped with the demise of our industry is just plain ridiculous.

I'm truly shocked after reading Eric's emails of the past that this would be the approach he has taken to the issue.

Have less of a spine.


i would challenge mr mays and his family to reach out and give even more to the FB because its the right thing to do.

m'Balls es hari and mike oxlonger

Hey, Lowry is a turd. The charity is not. Help build the
Foundation. Among worthy
charitable organizaitions this is
one of the greatest. We in Mediterranea are sending a check.

Dale Tucker

I agree 100% with Eric. No, I am not an admirer of Clear Channel by a long shot but as others have said, above, it's good to have a financial contribution from Mr. Mays and we should all be grateful,

Thank you, Eric, for your message.

Dennis Jackson

You make a very good point, IMHO, Eric. Hopefully, those who profited so extensively in our industry by following in Mr. Mays's footsteps, ultimately at the expense of virtually every other stakeholder including many of those who are probably beneficiaries of the Foundation's largess, will be more generous than ever in his name so the Foundation can remain strong and continue its good work.

I, too, intend to step up - not reduce - charitable giving. However, I don't plan to include the Broadcasters' Foundation in the pipeline, for it is inescapable that to do so would be to endorse the glorification of the the so-called "excellence" of Lowry Mays in the process. It is simply not possible to survive by merely holding one's nose when the room is full of hydrogen sulfide. One needs some oxygen - the fresh air of integrity.

Are there any of us in broadcasting, other than the handful who led their own smaller companies down the trail blazed by Mr. Mays, who see any "excellence" or virtue in his work at all? We all know that what Clear Channel has done to our industry under Mr. Mays's leadership was selfish, destructive, and ruinous to a great many careers and lives. Indeed, yes, the term I most often hear my fellow broadcasters use to characterize it is "rape." A mere $125,000 contribution to the Broadcasters' Foundation is not nearly enough to justify such hypocrisy.

Heywood Jablome

I usually agree with and like Jerry. But, he's way off base here. I despise what CC has done to our commercial broadcast bands.

Vote with your dollars to in spite of and to help those less fortunate than Lowry.

Message has been sent

Ted Faraone

Who the heck cares what they call the award so long as the people who need help from the Broadcasters Foundation get it? If Mays threw some money at the Foundation, fine. I don't care how he ran Clear Channel in this context. That is an issue for another forum.

Rich Marston

Hmmm, this is tough. One of my top 5 best friends is Eric Rhodes.
I support his viewpoint.


Thanks to the continued actions of Mr. Mays and other owners/operators like him, there won't be much use for a Broadcaster's Foundation soon. We'll be using our un-employment checks to enroll in college and learn new trades, and when we leave the business we won't be coming back to donate. Who will be left to donate when there are no more "broadcasters"? My peers and I are at the age to take over the future of radio and most of us are trying to get out before we're forced to leave or take a salary cut.
I think the foundation is great and does wonderful things, but you're naming an award after someone who will ultimately have a huge part in killing it.

Radio Broadcaster

Kudos on your remarks regarding the Broadcasters Foundation. I couldn't agree with you more.

Interesting how the "industry blogger" didn't feel it was wrong to take the money Clear Channel threw at him to buy his publication just a few years back. Where was his indignation and disgust then?


Tough one to be sure, I read the blog referenced here and it's always good to get another point of view. I hope the donation was enough to support ALL those displaced by Mr. Mays Un-doing of our industry. At least change the award to simply: "The Lowery Mays" award, there is no excellence in what he has (un)done.

Eric Rhoads

Good point.

Reuben Scott

Eric and all other supporters of Mays missed the real point - the name of the award - The Lowry Mays Excellence in Broadcasting Award. So, if Tiger Woods gives a pile of money to a charity, will he get to call it the Tiger Woods Fidelity in Marriage Award? If the Association and Eric had any stones, they would say - thank you for the donation, but we can't in good conscience name it Excellence in Broadcasting, because there was no excellence in broadcasting. And if Larry Flynt gave them money, you wouldn't let him name it the Larry Flynt Moral Standards Award either. Name it the Lowry Mays Award and stop pretending and this would end.

Allen Shaw-Centennial Broadcasting

Eric is quite right in his perspective. The Broadcasters Foundation is a very worthwhile organization and I will continue to support it. Clear Channel is not as important as helping broadcasters in need in these very difficult times.

Mary Ann Armijo

I happen to work for Clear Channel in a small market, I am proud to be owned by CC, They let me run my market as my own and because of that I am able to help provide for our homeless, community food pantry and be a part of a great community and radio group. As far
as an award I am sure Mr.Mays wasn't looking for a recognition
We were not effected by any moves CC made, we are happy to have great resources provided to us. In today's world all we know how to do is complain for once say something positive. Remember we will all be judged by our actions.

A. Broadcaster

Give the money back, drop the award, wash your hands!

Andy Kazen

The point is to help those in need.Period.Well said Eric.


Eric Rhoads

Perhaps Roger, but the goal the only goal is to help those in need. Is celebration worth it if it accomplishes the goal that can be accomplished in no other way?

Roger Coryell

I hear your point.

But Mays has done more than any other person to throw talented, hardworking broadcasters to the wolves. His donation does not begin to mitigate this, and celebrating him in this fashion is distasteful.

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