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February 17, 2010



Eric a word of caution!

I think it is a very bad idea to single out one employee of a national company and use this company as your personal whipping boy.

Perhaps you have not read the papers, heard or seen the news. Radio is hurting for advertisers now and pissing one off is bad for business.

Our business, not yours.

May I suggest you have someone read the rants you post before you hit send.


OK Eric, I give up.

Tell me why a six dollar an hour employee should give a damn what you think.

Tell me why a six dollar an hour employee should be anything but ashamed of being a six dollar an hour employee.

Tell me why anyone would want his six dollar an hour job.

Your shopping experience, is why six dollar an hour people have jobs. They are there to give you what you paid for Eric, the cheapest in-store experience, buying product made in China.

Thanks for another great read about your small life.

Stephen Meade

Unfortunately everyone has experienced your Radio Shack clerk at some time or another. I always make it a point to hire salespeople who have
A: Played team sports in high school or college
B: Worked in food and beverage in high school or college

The team concept is something their coaches hopefully instilled in them. Working for tips can be a great motivator to do things the right way.

Stephen Meade KJEE Santa Barbara

Eric Rhoads

Jerry: I have the Zappos customer service manual, which is phone book thick. The time they spend training their phone people is a significant commitment. Wondering if with the sale of Zappos some board member will ultimately say lets cut back on what were spending on customer service.....which will kill the company.

Jerry Katz

And Great Customer service moves you to spend more. Buy shoes on line at Zappos.Com just one time, and you'll probably buy more shoes this year than last. They treat customers like long time friends. Use them as a goal and surely win! Your Radio Shack guy could never work there!

Al Moss

excellent commentary and quite true.

Elliott Mitchell

This just in: "Poor Customer Service Costs Companies $83 Billion Annually"

Research Brief: http://bit.ly/diPuQZ

Jorge Zermeno

Thank you for a great late night read, Eric. As thoughtful as asual, very highly appreciated!

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