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October 05, 2010



Dear Mr. Rhoads,
My comment is for Radio Broadcasting in general. I think that might be the medium to be able to save America, because most of the TV is taken by liberals. Look at Europe, see what liberalism did to them. I lived there and don't what to return any time soon. I listen to all conservatives, some libs to get their side of the story. I started a blog addressed to Michael Savage, after he was banned from Western country. You can find it at
I really don't know what concerned citizens like myself would do without radio.

D. H.

John Wooden might well have had the Gathering of the B's in mind when he said "Never mistake activity for achievement."
And not to worry, whining won't have a negative impact on future attendance ... am sure there'll be a "station" on Sirius that will carry the proceedings to whats left of the radio industry (RIP 1997).
Mastered by ignorance or betrayed by intelligence? Does it really matter either way at this point?

Fred Lark

Here's the way it seems to me......
The locations have NOT been favorable in the past many several years.
The expense continues to increase with little attraction especially toward advanced technologies.
There is much complaining about our industry, there's little positive input except some of the same ol presentations that are simply 'out of touch' and boring.
NAB/LAS is exciting, innovative, and always attened well by the vendors that actually bring the latest and greatest to the show. It would be great if RADIO ONLY, etc could continue it is just too badddd the senior executives of NAB and CORPORATE RADIO can't find their way out of the corporate mode,... stretch their mind, and become independently creative with vision. Stay away from the 'Suits' 'Stayed' 'Stale' programmed 'Robots' of CORPORATE RADIO that make the same ol same ol presentations that don't have a clue or forgotten how they got their start and get down to the roots of the basic 'What Radio is really all about'.
I believe there'd be great participation and attendance to bring in 'real world' 'real radio' broadcasters that earn their living on the steet everyday, yes, even in small town radio....
Give it a shot, you may really be surprised.:-)

Tim Davies

The last RAB I attended was about 12 years ago so it was hard to compare from previous years but your comments are right on target. I did learn a great deal from some of the sessions when I could find the rooms but the format and presentation was very odd the entire time. One thing you did not mention was the Marconi awards...we are a hip, digital, entertainment driving medium and to sit through a long awards program hosted by a 80 year old man (I am sure he is a great pioneer of our industry) along with a country singer with a guitar in front of a curtain from the Price is Right...was very hard to take.

Bob Surette

First your comments are right on! Now for those of us that had to pay to have a talbe at the Show (Flee Market) the NAB should be thinking about some type of a serious discount for the Spring show.

dave vagle

I think your opinion of the Radio Show was a little harsh. I attend the NAB and Radio Show every year and found this year's show to be better than ever. I also loved having everything under one roof!
Dave Vagle


What! No mention of Bob Struble and his new $70 Insignia Portable with artist album display? Wasn't Bob there, or is he too busy with his lawyers, now? LOL!

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