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November 05, 2010


ppi claims. reclaim ppi

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I think the public will yawn over this. There are better things to spend $69 bucks on. Why would I even want one? I've already got an I POD with a built in FM radio anyway.


Come on everyone, let's hear how HD Radio is the next best thing to sex! Come on you HD Radio broadcast shills, how you again have bought all of Eric's Insignias! Eric - you should be ashamed of tarnishing your reputation just to kiss Struble's ass. Eric - where's the pressure coming from - Bob, the NAB, and larger station owners? Perhaps, it is Bob's fellow con-artists on Wall Street who keep searching on "iBiquity IPO". The bunch of you make me vomit! LOL!


"Insignia Buyers May Not Get The Picture"

"The new Insignia HD Radio portable, which includes images and live pause that can cache up to 15 minutes of live radio, will arrive in Best Buy stores October 24. Priced at $69, it costs $20 more than the previous model. But for buyers in some cities a key feature may be months or years away."


Eric - what do you think is really going to happen? I think that I know.


"I'm no fan of HD Radio, but..."

This is nothing but Mighty BS! LOL!

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