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December 22, 2010



Maybe I missed it, but the one thing left out of this list is "improve programming."

Eric Rhoads

From Bob Pittman:

Aqh (which is based on time spent) is a mechanical device--a tool in
actually making an ad buy. Yes, you cant calculate the impressions
without it. And, time spent on a page should also be considered even
withGoogle (if someone doesnt have time to see the ad, what is the
value of an impression). But, my point is that aqh should not be used as
the measurement of relative size of audience for radio vs other media.
The internet metric of monthly uniques --monthly cume for radio-- is the
proper apples to apples comparison.


To point #1 (& #2): The distinction not being recognized is that Google works like Billboards: here is how many people came to the site & all were shown your ad (so monthly uniques works). Radio (&TV) have a little annoying element called "time" that they also need to consider...when a person visits determines whether or not they heard the message hence the need to include time into the equation. AQH Persons recognizes time as part of the equation and that is why its necessary.

I realize this is a Pittman thing and I wish him luck on this endeavor but any competent media buyer will know it's not apples to apples to treat Google (or Billboards) the same as Radio (or TV).

I'd also like to point out that customers would rightfully be upset by this change which would be in direct contradiction with many of the other fine points on this list.

Tired of HD Radio

13. Put the HD Radio/IBOC jamming machine out of its misery - oh, Keefe Bartels and Galax Wolf will do that for us! LOL!

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