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February 04, 2011


Sherman K. Kizart


I totally disagree with your assesment of the Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner situation.

Instead of it being a great and defining moment for Radio, it has turned into a very sad and missed opportunity.

I wrote an op-ed piece that suggested how this situation has severely damaged the brand of Urban Radio. Tom Joyner has represented the best of what's special about Urban Radio and its strong connection to the African American community until now. When he chose to bring Mary Harvey(Steve Harvey's ex-wife) on his show to air the Harveys dirty laundry on national radio, it hurt all of Urban Radio.

Urban Radio has a very difficult time landing the advertising that it rightfully deserves. National marketers shouldn't be let off the hook by not advertising on Joyner, Harvey, and hundreds of Urban stations because of questionable and inflamatory content.

Tom Joyner had been one of the standard bearers in how he championed positive images about the African American community and Urban Radio. Inviting your competitor's ex-wife on your show to totally dicredit him clearly crosses the line.

I'm all for fair and fierce competition. It makes everyone better.

National radio icons such as Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey also have a responsibility to the African American audiences and communities that each of them constantly mention to advertisers and their agency partners.

Urban Radio and the African American community demanded it from their predecessors and have every right to demand it from Tom and Steve today.

Steve Carter

I would have to agree that if it get's media attention that it is good for the airways.

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