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March 18, 2011



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I've also reposted this on my facebook page. I agree with Brent this debate is driven mostly by a nasty, counterproductive political propaganda; however, it's nice to know someone is promoting an alternative funding solution to save public radio.

Brent Walker

Since the amount of money the Republicans want to cut from NPR amounts to a 0.0001% nick in our budget, why don't we just admit that this is nothing more than a nasty political move, initiated by people who are completely ignorant of what Public Radio does for a community.

Take 5 minutes to phone your congressional representative and say NO...do NOT defund NPR. This is nothing more than political posturing at the expense of small, important radio stations.

Jon Simpson

Your idea returns the funding model closer to public radio's original ideal, serving the underserved-voluntarily. As the first comment to your post demonstrates, the current public broadcasting establishment is too political and, further, is not locally focused. In college, I had the rewarding opportunity to work at our public station which served a large part of southwestern Ohio. That region needed its local content then and many small communities need that same attention now. Though I doubt Washington will ultimately cut funding, we should all work to help public broadcasting quickly explore ways to tap new funding streams and return to its roots...strong local service.

Robert Jackson

I like the idea, which is similar to the way cable companies contribute to support CSPAN. However given the strong aversion by some of the commercial broadcasters posting on this page to ANY government support of non-commercial stations, I wonder how this would fly with commercial station owners, particularly station owners who are in direct competition with non-commercial stations with very good music or news content.

Mitchell McClenney

I've reposted this on my FaceBook page and sent it to a few radio people I know. Well thought out and sincere. Nice article Eric.


The national funding operation that you would like to see created already exists. It's called the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Let's keep it well funded so that it can continue to support all public broadcasting.
Here's an idea: take some of the money that the military is using to win friends and influence people in the middle east and use it to support the backbone of this country - public broadcasting.

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