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March 29, 2011



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How very disappointing. It seemed RadioInk was trying to originally act like a journalistic entity and be fair to both sides. As Media Matters stated in their response (which your company originally printed but you suspiciously neglected to mention): MM pulled their numbers from a respected source AND they are unable to get a list of Beck stations from Premiere Radio. There was no "trying to make a story... with claims that Beck now has less than 400 radio affiliate" but rather there are still some legitimate questions regarding Premiere's statement.

I don't know Beck's NY trends but surely they should support your statement that Buckley is "standing on personal principle" and taking "a huge financial hit" in his decision to pull Beck. Your avoidance in discussing New York's trends makes me wonder what you are hiding...especially when you were so happy to provide the PR numbers of OTHER markets.

Assuming at least 400 stations are airing Beck, I would expect/hope he is outperforming in some markets...that is obvious. Way to state the obvious.

I am unsure of what the ultimate purpose of this article was: to back-hand MM or to promote Beck? You seem to have done both without showing integrity or thought in either act.

I don't know if this is supposed to be the "editorial" side of the web-site but you have lost HUGE points for integrity on this one. I thought this was called "Think Tank" not "PR Tank".

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