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April 20, 2011


Mike Carter

Come on now ladies and gentlemen! We all know what the whole purpose of this is all about! Let's not try to sugar coat this BS! We can spin it any way you want but BS is BS! How about we encourage our advertisers to buy our stations based on our ability to deliver audience period! If your station(s) can't do that then, don't blame it on frigging race, gender or creed! Blame on your damn self for not having your salesperson prepared to handle the initial rejection! Oh and by the way...if they don't want to buy your station...suck it up "Princess" and go sale somebody damn else! You don't want their business that bad any way!

Think about it!

Mike Carter

Larry Jennings

As one who spent more than half his career in the Urban arena, I have a deep reservoir of personal experience dealing with NUDs that are either rooted in bigotry, a lack of enlightenment or a fear of losing a core market segment by pursuing a secondary one. I'll never forget a certain memo about "suspects" and "prospect" written by a high level rep firm exec in the late 90s.

In any event, I can't get my head wrapped around the thought process that deduces that advertiser decisons that seem discriminatory are within the purview of the FCC. Hello?

I don't believe that broadcasters can realistically be expected to police this issue or to make the subjective and altruistic decision to decline an order where they believe discrimination exists.

Sometimes, the "silly season" bug even affects our friends at the FCC. There are too many other issues out there to keep these fellas busy for them to be handcuffing broadcasters this way.

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