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April 26, 2011


not fake

That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.

Will Baumann

Look--the sooner you come to the realization that the days of radio coming out of a stick on a hilltop are (about) over, the sooner you can develop a math model for selling advertising that actually will feed the families of those doing so. It's time to pull your collective heads out of the sand.

Eric Rhoads


I am every bit as much a believer in AM radio as FM radio. Indeed radio has been my life, my career and my primary interest. My role, as I see it, is to keep the industry focused on things that are attacking them on all sides and make them aware so they can take action. The reality is that streaming is huge, digital media is even bigger (28% of all ad dollars in media are now going to digital). If I can help AM radio, FM radio in any way, I intend to do so. But Im not the guy in control of what goes on cell phones. If I were and if it were feasible to get an antenna in the phones that would work AM would be there. Im happy to have you attack my role in the industry but accusing me of not being interested in the issues AM is facing is simply not true.

Im not trying to single the AM folks out here. Just sayin that its unfortunate that the phones dont have AM too... and if they did Id be suggesting they buy a phone with an AM-FM but to my knowledge they dont exist. Still, I cannot avoid promoting FM on phones because they dont have AM on them. Better to promote R A D I O in any way possible.

AM listening in streaming is high... and this provides a way to get ON to those phones for those who DO stream on cell phones. You should be there.

troy d

As the owner and operator of two successful 'AM radio stations'.... its comments like Eric Rhoads that damage our industry!
(Sorry, AM people, I wish there were phones with AM too.)
You want people to think you represent the industry, but you do not represent all of radio.
In fact, the truth is you are in a business model that is much more on the decline than AM radio and that is publishing!
I'm sure if it wasn't for email blasts like this one, most people in the radio business would not even read your opinions.

We use TuneIn Radio to carry our stream on mobile phones and it works great. If you want a digital walkman, go buy one.... at least on that you will find AM radio too!
I know this isn't the feedback your are looking for, but many folks on the AM side feel the same way I do.
Maybe you are the one that needs to "get with the program"!!


"I'm a big supporter of streaming, and I think every radio station should be doing it."

But, you're no fan of HD Radio. You can bet that there will be no Congressional mandate for FM/HD chipsets in cell phones. Since many of the NAB Board Members are investors in iBiquity, this is all a ruse to get HD Radio mandated onto cell phones. Ever see anyone listening to FM on their cell phones? LOL!

Eric Rhoads

Commissioned song?

Ted Jenne

Why apologize to AM "people?"

Rather, than wish...why didn't you include AM in your commissioned song, too?

It sure would make it easier for us "people" to get with the program.


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