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April 01, 2011


Heywood Jablome

GB is channeling Lonesome Rhodes or a buffoon, whichever comes first. He is a caricature instead of a character.

He finally ran out of gas and a vast lack of talent is finally exposed.

Roger Ailes had to make a move to retain some semblance of credibiilty.

If wacko overnight ever has an opening, Glenn is perfect. I'm asleep.


Hah. After being a subscriber for years, I am no longer interested in receiving your emails. I just unsubscribed.

I'm interested in your thought on radio, not politics. And this is thinly-veiled propaganda, only minimally disguised as "radio industry talk."

Hope you and Glenn Beck have a nice life together.

Gary Williams


What are you Glenn Beck's new agent? What a load of tripe. Where does Beck actually win a day part? How many Top 10 markets is he cleared live?


Addendum to what I just posted:
* I didn't realize you guys had seen "the list". And where once I would have said, "That is good enough for me" I now have to wonder what skin you have in the game. You are a bit to derisive of MM and a bit too supportive of Beck to feel you are unbiased. Is it common for Premiere Radio to not share a list of stations that its shows are syndicated on?

* Regarding Beck's NY ratings. I think that is critical, thank you for supplying. Again, not knowing NY or or the station's numbers I don't know how big of an achievement it is for Beck to beat the station...I think what matters is does Beck beat the market enough to justify his syndication fee? Is he #1 in his time period? Can the station recoup his fees in radio revenue? The information you provide implies "yes" but by not discussing his actual broadcast times leaves rooms for question.

Regardless, thanks for the information...

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