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August 26, 2011


Danny Czekalinski

I have been through three hurricanes on the air. I can tell you what people want to hear. After the hurricane they want to know about water, food, gas, ice, what restaurant has power, curfew information and damage reports. They want a connection. They want a familar voice. They don't want muisc!

JJ Duling

I was never more proud of a broadcast team than our crew at Big 100/Orlando during the 3 hurricanes of 2004. We took our veteran classic hits air staff (Mike Harvey, Bob Berry, Chris Rivers, Deanne Schulz) and did a simulcast with our 50kw sister station WFLF. Our rock & roll jocks paired up with the AM air staff and did exceptionally great radio and public service during a critical time. Put a 100kw FM, 50kw AM and decades of radio savvy together and you get an amazing broadcast experience.

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