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January 13, 2012


Eric Rhoads

Excuse me? I dont pimp expensive art. If youre referring to the fact that our company also produces art magazines. Yes. Im not sure what that has to do with the argument above. Seems like good business to have diversity in this uncertain world.

Im not ashamed of myself nor am I a sell out, which would infer that Im being paid for my comments or that Im sucking up, neither of which are true. If youve followed anything Ive written you can find numerous instances where Ive challenged these companies for many of their previous practices. That has little to do with this specific article which is about them broadening their focus.

Clear Channel is becoming a media company? Not sure why that is a bad thing? Probably smart because they know their growth has to come from areas where growth is occurring, which leverages their assets.

I can appreciate your anger over things not being the same as they used to be. Its not pretty but its reality and pining for the past isnt productive. Seems that some people are so angry, so bitter, so closed minded that they cannot allow any of these companies any slack if they do something right. Perhaps you disagree with the way this company operated in the past, most of that was a previous administration. Maybe a brilliant executive like Pittman with a great track record can put radio on the map again in a way never before done. Only time will tell but to blame him for the last 10 years of Clear Channel, is well, just silly.

D Allen

Eric, you're a piece of work. While most of us are attempting to eek out a living of what remains of terrestrial radio, you are busy pimping expensive art. Now you're congratulating the very people who bully, degrade,& devalue local radio. You are a sell out of the first order. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Sam Klein

Am I understanding you correctly? You're suggesting radio companies deny music labels airplay to drive them out of business, then sign artists themselves, and turn radio into a 24/7 paid program? Well, maybe such honesty is best for underscoring just how much the radio industry ignores the public interest in their licenses of the public's airwaves and that it goes beyond developing a "loyal audience to help move product." Sad.

Nick Beyer

Eric, the best line in your article: "Your job is to create loyal audiences and help move product. Change your perspective, and you end up changing how you look at your purpose." You are 100% right.

Bob: What's wrong with following the leaders? Why not try and out-Pandora Pandora if you can? Unlike Pandora, our industry has the framework necessary to monetize this type of new medium. Sales teams in place, relationships with agencies and advertisers, relationships with record labels, etc. Clear Channel has the ability to overtake Pandora with iHeart Radio and, more importantly, to make it profitable.

We should be cheering for the leaders in our industry to take these risks as it will keep radio relevant and profitable. If we let outsiders (like Pandora) develop and take a large bite out of our revenue where does that leave us? We should be encouraging diversification and looking for new opportunities or radio will become a shell of its former self.


As for Jerry Lee acknowledgement of "Bob Pittman as the best thing that could happen for radio"

Let's set the record straight: Bob Pittman, Clear Channel, Bain Capital, Thomas Lee and RCS are thieves that has used small companies to deliver some of their trade secrets via 'fake acquisitions' and just using that information as 'their ideas' at the moment

Bob Bellin

Follow the leaders. They should change their name to "me too" media.

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