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February 14, 2012


Clash Of Clans Hack Cheats

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Jon Norton


Sorry to say "it's over" for the kind of radio you're talking about. At least for 90% of the stations. Who is the PD supposed to call? There's nobody on the air, and possibly nobody even in the building for a 3 or 4 station cluster. 20+years in commercial radio, I was lucky enough to catch the tail end of well programmed music stations, and learned from people who were trained the right way. Tight breaks and shifts, talking to the community, fun and timely promotions. Unfortunatly it's bigger than one pop or rock star death. It's what these stations are missing every day with their canned personalities, some who are canned from outside the market, DJ's voicetracking so they can do the job(s) of 2 or 3 other people who were in the last round of budget cuts. No Eric, unless something drastic happens, it's over, and having a PD at home tap into automation isn't the answer. Listeners know better, and have no expectation of getting anything different than the canned music and DJ's they've become accustomed to. How sad. And even sadder, a lot of these young radio talents have no idea what's wrong. Not their fault, they haven't been taught to know better.


Why not name names? You know who caused this to happen? You know them and have written about them time and time again over the years in Radio Ink...call them out. They have ruined a great industry and there is NO going back. Their loyalty is ONLY to their shareholders NOT their listeners...and to make sure they get a big fat bonus while the industry shrinks and radio dies.
I absolutely did not expect to hear a thing on radio Saturday night when the news on Houston broke, and i was right. So i wasnt let down. Voice tracking and old weather reports recorded at lunchtime airing at 7pm.
Radio is a mess and when the clients start to figure it out more and more watch the real mess unfold.

Frank Denning


Maybe Radio companies should have a "crisis studio" that was manned 24/7 for events like this. They could then spring into action mode and respond with relevant programming and push it down to their stations much like an EAS test takes over the station's programming. They could keep their costs low and the relevance high. It would be no different that tuning into a television network but the local listener listening to their local station would be updated immediately. With everything so intertwined the "crisis studio" could populate station web sites, and social media outlets.

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