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November 02, 2012


Kathy Haley

I agree with Eric. Bob Pittman could be the John Malone of the radio industry. Radio needs a clear digital strategy. And it needs, yes, to invest more in local talent, which is part of what makes OTA radio a "must-listen."


What you want to bet Eric?
This guy is caught up in private jets, the riviera and hanging with big time operators.
He is moving the masses - the audiences that listen to Clear Channel to the Internet - - I hate radio dot com.
Anyone and i mean anyone inside Clear Channel knows hes trying to turn off the towers and turn the stations into beacons for ihateradio. You must have not listened to a clear chann station recently? OR Cumulus who he suckered into promoting dead app. A app that is NOT a radio station….and not that good. Pandora has 50X the audience and growing.
Why you guys keep patting this guy on the back is beyond me.
Hes a hit and run guy, look at his track record and right now hes got nothing in the tank except i hate radio - - a horrible concert for a few thousand people that a thousand stations promoted for months - - ignoring their local market….all in the name of BOB.
Hogan is hog tied by Bob and even he cant make moves.
The whole company is strangled by ihateradio.com which BOB believes will save Clear Chan and the industry?…this is a HUGE JOKE and radio ink was just suckered too.
Get back to local, hire local announcers and care about the community. Thats when Bob gets my vote…not his self indulgent ihate app.

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