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December 17, 2012


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"Brazil: Test Tech Before it is Implemented"

"After extensive testing of Both HD Radio and DRM, the Secretary of the Ministry of Communications Electronic Communications, Genildo Lins, said the tests of the two technologies have had poor results, especially high-power FM. The testing demonstrated the digital signal coverage is approximately 70% of the current analog signal. The future of radio is digital, but that future is not yet. We are unable to make a decision on these results. A polite way of saying, this is not the digital radio we were hoping for... Using unbiased real world testing, HD Radio does not look so hot. One caveat; the digital carrier level is -20dBc. That being duly noted, results show a 112 KW EIRP analog station with a 1.12 KW digital carrier that is unusable 6 miles from the transmitter site in some areas. Original documents can be found on the Government of Brazil Ministry of Communications website."


Jim Schlichting

Going back to the 1970's and my days working for one of the earliest FM music syndicators, our advice was consistant. Don't be afraid to report on a situation if you have the resources (maybe a sister full-service AM or network) to provide accurate and authoritative BRIEF reporting.

However, keep in mind that you want your music programming to be available for those folks who get their need to know satisfied and want to get past their moment of interest.

Nothing at all wrong with making referals to another "news station" for more detailed coverage. To let your music listeners be aware of what's going on is the right thing to do. Getting deeper into coverage is beyond what your listeners expect.

The unforgiveable flaw is for any station to ignore a tragedy that affects their listeners.

Billy Craig

Thanks Eric, that was very good...sometimes it's difficult to know what is and what is not appropriate. To me carrying on business as usual with out at least acknowledging the grief of a tragic event like this to me, is not appropriate....

I do assembly shows for elementary schools on a fairly regular basis...and, these teachers, administration and even custodians are the best and they care very very deeply for the kids that they serve...and these kids are so special and vital to the future...even SNL, felt it important to do something, all football games started with a moment of silence...it really is a local and national tragedy....and I for one hurt deeply because I see the eyes of these little boys and girls, so hopeful of the future, and seeing something this horrific, I'm still is dis-belief that someone would do something like this....and just to say, they are the community that listens to such broadcasting shows, they are your public and something to recognize the event for your listeners, to me makes very very good sense!!!

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