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June 04, 2013


Paul Rogers


Panama Jack

Radio in 2013. A sinking ship, in total denial. Cutting payroll is the answer.
Apparently the Radio execs these days have never been introduced to the elementary basics, such as "The Goose that laid the Golden Egg". You guys are absolutely killing Radio, and I'll bet none of you guys have a clue as to how to reverse the decline in TSL. Pretty soon, you'll be dependent on local sales only. And since you fired the sales staff in 2009, what will you do then?

Jim Corwin

You underestimate the power of being first with an innovation (self-curated radio) and executing very well, as Pandora has. And you overestimate the ability of Apple to dominate every field they enter, especially under a CEO who has yet to demonstrate his ability to deliver outside of the halo of Steve Jobs. Amazon didn't make money for years. My money is on Pandora.

Josh Hornbacher

While there are some valid points here, I can't stop thinking the terrestrial radio industry is in complete denial. It's not terrestrial radio vs. internet music services. It's radios vs smartphones. Just like FM marginalized AM, smartphones will relegate FM irrelevance. It's not just about music. It's about user specific content. People can't get enough of it (especially young people). FM stations cannot deliver listeners personal social media, email, home movies, photos, news, weather and podcasts, plus individual user-curated music. The number of radios per household is increasingly meaningless with one smartphone in your pocket.

Ira Wilner

I wouldn't be too hard on Apple considering that most of the chips used in the other guy's devices are fabricated in other third world countries. Final robotic assembly and testing might be done in an industrialized nation but the guts are, for the most part, built elsewhere. China manufactures most of the stuff sold in the world today including name brand appliances and gadgets. And if you buy an OEM Chinese branded device its pennies on the dollar, well below wholesale cost for similar brand name items. WTF?

And as long as we're on the topic of fair trade, this blog and much of the public's generic technology is up for siege by extremely broad patents allowed by a broken patent office. A company that had concepts that pre-dated the Internet or even digital audio and digital print media (they used audio cassettes for distribution) claims to hold the patent rights to blogging technology and the US patent office seems to be upholding their claim!

President Obama is correct in wanting to change a system that allows companies to think up anything under the sun, even if impractical today, to get a lock on every conceivable idea without having to produce anything useful or functional. Then they can sit back and collect the royalties from someone elses more fruitful labor. I can't wait to see the claims mount up for streaming audio services. That'll leave OTA broadcasting as the only surprise patent free technology but only if the crazy claim for computer automation can be beaten back.

John Libynski

I will pay attention to Apple when they decide to manufacture their gadgets in the USA, where they were designed. I can not support a company that evades the US tax laws and hires slave labor to put together its overpriced devices. Unlike the other manufacturers like Dell, Samsung, and others, Apple is the most flagrant abuser of the system. Just my observation. YMMV.

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