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January 17, 2014


Ronald T. Robinson

There are only a handful of guys who are in the position and have the audience as does Eric to make these calls for a newer kind of excellence in radio to be developed and applied.

However, and I expect he will accept this, an exuberant, company-front charge at risk-taking might be just over the threshold of what any owner could handle.

Further, although pure excitement is what created rock 'n' roll radio originally - only to be further fueled by The British Invasion, the environment is so much more fractionalized today.

Indeed, a transformation is utterly required, but it will have to be with a set of strategies with which owners and managers will have some confidence - at least enough to make the attempt.

Music radio, in my view, is on a path of becoming the media equivalent of Detroit. That is, unless drastic measures are taken - very, very soon.

By all means, Eric, do carry on. Just be sure your emotional Kevlar is in tip-top condition. There is going to be a lot of incoming grit, spit, spite and vitriol.

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