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January 29, 2014


Robin Solis

Eric, First time I heard your voice on the podcast and it is heavenly! We're doing really good with our radio helper technology (*not* a disrupter!) Come see us at the NAB. Call Bob Shannon :)


Sean Luce

Thank you Eric! Those are great thoughts and congratulations on the learning lessons of 2013. I really like the James Wedmore quote. I also loved the part about turning off the phone. Sometimes, you just have to do it to get to that ...whole...'nother...level. Great piece.


Theresa Grillo Laird

I learned that after all these years, I know more than I think I know and I don't need the "experts" to tell me how to paint, how to market etc. This is the year I write my own story.


Last year, I learned (again) that trying to "eat" everything on my plate leads to choking. As difficult as it is, hard choices about where and how long to focus on a given objective must be carefully considered before diving in. I also re-learned that real growth in the radio business has to come from enhancing our respect for the art of selling in today's expanded media ecosystem. Being a "marketing consultant" goes deeper than some printing on a bunch of business cards. This requires intentional study, networking and confident application.

Scott  Murray

While I like all of your ideas/suggestions, I believe the best ones are to (1)to unplug from emails during evenings, weekends and vacations. Don't be a slave to your business! And (2), have some regularly scheduled hobbies and activities/sports, etc.. They re-charge your batteries and free up the mind to come up with great ideas...some even for your business!

Alan Fendrcih

Good stuff, Eric!

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