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March 24, 2014


Scott Clifton

Are these tuners able to receive HD? I don't see the big deal if they aren't.

Robin Solis

They are doing it all wrong. Thee new system using our new, base technology (which was designed from the ground up to migrate radio into the digital world) has launched and we already have clients. We know exactly what we are doing and are gratefully available to assist any radio group to get up to speed with what is happening. synchronicity.co


"Let me repeat that for emphasis: After almost 7 months, the NextRadio platform currently services an average audience of 119 listeners."


NextRadio is a joke.

Harvey Wells

I have Sprint service and a not very old Samsung Galaxy 3 phone. When I went to the Google Play store and typed "Next Radio", I got a free app for a service that streams stations from Kyrgyzstan. Now, I'm not sure if those stations are encoded by Nielsen, but if they are, they better get ready for improved CCP's. Or in this case, should I say, CCCP's?

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