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May 15, 2014


Chancey Blackburn

And so it ends - a beautiful soul passing on, leaving light and joy and memories in his wake.
Chancey Blackburn

Becky Neal

Very Well SAID!!! Thank you, It is a real shame that this has to happen to anyone at this time in there life.

Becky Neal
KMVL 100.5 FM
Madisonville, Texas

Brian O'Conner, PD/MD Hot 104-9 Tallahassee, FL

I'd just like to echo Eric's sentiments. A Legend in his own time! Now, on with the countdown... :)


Ditto on your article Eric. It's great to hear once again AT40 the 70's on my local station every weekend. Because of Casey's countdown programs, today I organize a weekly syndicated CCM Classics radio program which features a Top 5 Flashback and sometimes a Top 30 monthly or year countdown. I wish the best for his family.

Mary Beth Garber

Well said, Eric. Casey, you are the embodiment of everything a radio personality should be and has ever been to his listeners. You have comforted us, entertained us, been our campanion through good times and bad, taught us compassion and caring. You helped us form ourselves. I thank you for every Saturday morning that made us realize that music can send messages that matter to people. You will always matter to those of us who grew up listening to you.

Dan Crotty

so well stated, Eric ...thank you for putting into words what so many of us feel ...He truly has made our industry better

Mark Pallock

Excellent post Eric. Agree with everything you said. I grew up listening to Casey on the real KRLA in Los Angeles.
Thanks in part to Casey I got into radio and am now working as an Enginer at KRLA.

Mark Pallock
KRLA Engineering

Carl Watkins

In 1964 when I was 19 years old living in Lynwood, California, a suburb of Los Angeles, my friend Alan and I went to the nearby Lynwood Auditorium where a dance was being hosted by Casey Kasem with a popular local band. Casey was the Noon to 3PM DJ at KRLA - 1110. I was more excited to meet him than any girls that might be there. While other kids were on dates, I was playing with my sound system and listening to KRLA, KPOP, KFWB, KDAY, and the newest pop station KHJ. But KRLA was my favorite and Casey was among my favorite DJs.

When I got to the auditorium and the band began to play, I soon learned there were problems with the auditorium sound system with ceiling speakers that the singers were using. I approached Casey and told him I had a sound system at home with an Altec 604C speaker that I thought would work better for them. He asked me to go home and get it. When I set it up for them to use, Casey loved it! In fact he hired me to bring it each week from that night on. He paid me $5 per night and of course free admission to the dances. After a few weeks in Lynwood, he moved his dances to A Thousand Oaks, which was quite a few miles north of Lynwood. So to make the travel, he raised my pay to $9 per night. Later he acquired his own sound system and didn't need my services anymore. But that was so much fun while it lasted!

Casey was about 34 then, still single, and drove an older Cadillac. He seemed to me like an aspiring Hollywood actor. I was just a kid greatly excited about knowing Casey and actually having his home telephone number, which I called occassionally. And I was excited to receive a check each night with the name 'Kemel Casey Kasem' printed on it. (I think that was how it was spelled). Casey told me he was Armenian.

Later in life when I began my career as a DJ, I would call him occassionally to tell him how I was doing. One time in 1981 when I was working for Eric Rhoades at KEYY in Provo, Utah, Casey returned my call. My wife answered the phone; she was surprised and thrilled - having never met him before. I wanted to know how to get those voice jobs to do national ads. He kindly and honestly told me that I needed to live near Hollywood, and be available within a few minutes to audition. He was not only a star in my eyes, but also a caring mentor to show me the way.

I wish the best for Casey in his age. I hope his family soon realizes the uncomfort they are causing him by this squabbling. May God bless all of them to be at peace, and to give Casey the peace he deserves. And when his life is accounted before God, may He remember the kindness Casey showed me as a young man wanting to get into radio.

Posted by: Carl Watkins |

Joe Ferraro


Wow, you are spot on conveying the heartfelt thoughts of many in our industry. Thank you for speaking on my behalf, and along with you, Casey Kasem was a great influence on me and many others I know in radio. I still listen to ATF every Sunday here in Orlando. It’s my “Sunday morning time machine” that takes me back to my younger days digging the hits! Casey Kasem and others, like Dick Clark, are the standard that everyone in our industry should aspire to emulate.

It is sad to see all of this being played out for the entire world to see. Thank you and Radio Ink.


Joe Ferraro
Promotions Director

Ed Hill

Man I wish I would have written his piece.

Mara, WestwoodOne

Thank you Casey Kasem. You had a tremendous impact on my relationship with radio. Thank you Eric, well said indeed.

Kris Van Dyke

Great words spoken for us all. Thank you Eric and thank you Casey.


Casey Kasem.......well said Eric!

Gary, Radio One, Inc.

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