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May 20, 2014



Great concept. Problem is that you can't sell something that is dying. It would be like trying to sell VCR's. FM/AM radio is a thing of the past. With Craplay hitting the cars in a few months. Radio apps won't even be able to be added, as with Apple TV. Radio will be around, just as newspapers and video stores for a few years, but, it's time has come to an end!

Steve Green

Agree with all comments. If you wish to do it after the conference that is fine, but please make this available for some fee, online.

wade wilkes

I wish we were notified a little earlier. To quick to schedule that. Maybe next time you can give a larger window to attend????

Linda Hughes

I'd like to join Jay and Joe in the "internet conference room" and find out about this new system without flying to the west coast! Surely a seminar on the latest technology is Skype-able! :) Or podcastable, or Twitter-friendly, or webinar-able... you get my point! We definitely need and want this information, don't keep it from us~ please!

Linda (new radio station owner!)

Jay Braswell

Micro-market Georgia broadcasters are thinking alike. I'm likely in the same situation as Joe - little time and even less money. A live video stream (or even a "once it's over" video) would allow me to learn something that sounds very much like the time Lassie got help to rescue the mountain lion cubs...JUST in the nick of time.

Joe Pedicino

Sounds interesting but no way I can be there. Any way to pay a fee to see a live stream? I would love to get my management team in our conference room and watch the meetings? Can you make it happen?

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