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August 27, 2014


Ronald T Robinson

With the wolves out there plotting on taking away radio's (almost) exclusivity to the dashboard - in broad daylight and at the front door - there is still that thing about the Grizzly clawing and brutishly pounding at the back door.

It's that bad bear that is the representation of radio's inactivity in generating worthwhile, effective and entertaining products and services for audiences and advertisers. It may be the first to gain entrance; it may be the second. Either way, our place is about to get ripped up and the boys and girls huddled in terrified groups will be mauled and chewed without remorse or concern for consequences.

Too bad, since most would rather accept all the "happy talk" about improving economies. But, if we want to be a "go to" medium for audiences and advertisers, we had better get to it - with people who know how. Otherwise, to a significant degree - we'll be gone. The crime scene will also be horrific.

While Eric hasn't projected that far out (in print), I'd be willing to speculate that such a scenario as I have just described has, in fact, crossed his mind. Sad, as there is no need to barricade the place. Just declare "huntin' season" to be open, gear up, find guidance and make them varmints go away.

Another, smaller but still significant irony is that, meanwhile, car manufacturers may be shutting down or sabotaging one of their more effective advertising platforms - radio. This, in spite of the fact we really don't do a very good job of it.

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