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December 22, 2014


Chris Lytle

Bill's enthusiasm for and belief in Radio has inspired so many of us. What a great role model. Thanks, Eric, for the post about Bill. It was my great privilege to have known and worked with him. Your post captured his one-of-a-kind presence and personality.

Fred Jacobs

Fred Jacobs

Beautifully written, Eric. We were lucky to have Bill, and as a Detroiter, it makes me especially proud to know he was one of us. To succeed you sometimes have to struggle, overcome setbacks, and stay positive. There was no one better at navigating through all this stuff than Bill.

You were fortunate he took an interest in you, and you're a better person for having listened to his pep talks. It's never been about showing slides and numbers - radio is great when it acts like showbiz. Bill totally understood and lived that.

John Frank

It's special to have a confident mentor, an elmer, an expert in the field that shares their knowledge with the rest of us - that's the key - the sharing and encouragement we need. God Bless his family and friends.

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