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January 06, 2015


Panama Jack

I wholeheartedly agree with you Eric, Radio has competition coming from every direction but TPTB are snoozing while the industry revolves around the drain. The process will continue and accelerate.
Better wake up and start recruiting talent good enough to convert your PASSIVE audience into ACTIVE audience.
Seems most Radio execs never learned this simple strategy, which is why Radio sucks in 2015.

Ronald T. Robinson

Even the most enthusiastic, hard charging cheerleaders amongst radio's leadership - like yourself, Eric, refuse to acknowledge the real, more important issues.

1. Radio has yet to accept itself as just one of a number of entertainment/informational/advertising sources.

2. Radio has yet to learn how to define and deliver itself as a unique and powerful medium - perhaps the medium with the most potential at reaching and influencing audiences.

Until those understandings, and the necessary change-methodologies, are brought into the mix, radio will continue as a semi-slick, but not particularly influential, entertaining or informative source.

Maybe the relative demise of radio will be justified and explained by the mewling classes as having been swept up and lost because of overwhelming technologies. Whoever says it will be wrong (or lying).

We are the architects of our own dismal fortunes, some of it from - as you have been insisting for years - from the advent of newer technologies.

But, we will be the main culprits because of our unwillingness to learn - and to change.

The argument could be made that were radio such a necessary, helpful, pleasant and powerful piece of audiences' experiences, those same audiences would already be insisting that a button be placed handily on the dashboard as a sweeping neon sign that reads: "Radio".

The sign is not there on the dash; the audience doesn't much care; radio is making no attempts to rectify the situation - gawd forbid improve.

I have never bet a horse brought to the track in an ambulance because the owner put a pretty bow on its tail.

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