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June 25, 2015



Great post Eric. Couldn't agree more. Oh wait I think there is even more. More than just Apple offering whatever. The more is called EVERYTHING and HABITS.
Habits. Shiny new remark-able habits. That coupled with hardware availability. Try buying a radio at a big box. There are 6 to choose from. The rest of Best Buy or wherever is filled with EVERYTHING else that seems shiny and interesting.
These are the things that should really worry anyone invested in transmitters and towers.
Anyone who thinks that Apple's new offering won't effect radio listening is right and wrong.
Right as in Apple alone won't change everything, though it will effect somethings.
Wrong because unlike the past where something like TV didn't kill radio... now everything is going to kill... nix that... mangle radio. Mangle it just enough where it might not be able to be competitive running in the race.
Like usual content, interesting content will do OK. But, now with the overall attack on mindshare and a gazillion different things to keep you amused, engaged or simply just occupied it's going to be harder to stand out.
By the way I wrote this post on my deck, in the sunshine and the radio wasn't on. If it was I didn't notice because my mind was occupied pontificating this post. I am going to the supermarket in a few minutes I may listen to the radio then... or I may use the time to check in with my mom. She likes hearing from me.


Not one comment, eh? Well that's a fine howdy do. Maybe everyone was shell shocked and then when Beats debuted, people were relieved that it is just another channel like on Sirius. You captured the lay of the land pretty well here, Eric. Maybe we all just agree with you. Even I have less to say now-a-days as we actually do the work to lower costs and inefficiencies for the industry while laying down roads to a more, intelligent based marketing approach. I think that's first. Then propping up the local and talent aspect and I agree with your assessment on the rest. But things are going to get worse before they get better, I fear.

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