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June 09, 2015



A call to stern? omg. That would be very bad for sirius.

Tom Hunt

I cannot recall reading a more thorough assessment of the "Facts of Radio" as they truly exist. Congratulations, Mr. Rhoads. You've not-so-gently tapped on the necks of business leaders hiding their heads in the sand. At the same time, you've skillfully recognized and catalogued the battles thus far lost. I wonder how many others reading your blog will share my intepretation that here is a spine-tingling wake-up call. Indeed, without your subtle call to action and offer of hope woven through the piece, it might just have easily read as an early start on the obituary of a medium once lively, entertaining, informative, frequently profitable--and perhaps most importantly, innovative. In my "magical years" day, commencing in 1968 in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, broadcasters couldn't be easily characterized. Some were programmers living the dream, some (often more memorable) were in-your-face hucksters while yet others fell in between. Collectively though, they capitalized on a medium once relevant to virtually anyone. And, they universally seemed to grasp that the ONLY right to an advertising dollar came exclusively from proudcing a product that attracted a mass audience. Were some of those harscrapple personalities still with us as broadcasters today, I think they'd long ago have recognized that the incorporation of things digital would be essential to survival. It is my view all too often that "operators" (note I chose to not use "broadcaster") seek first and only the revenue, fulfilling their obligatory end of the contract by merely getting the advertiser to agree to some copy. (Wouldn't it be nice if radio people were advertising people FIRST?) Consider this my hope that hoards of media folk read (and then RE-READ) your well-researched, thoughtfully-reasoned, and superbly-constructed overview of a crisis. If today, there were more like you in control of broadcast licenses, I along with other veterans sharing my view--despite our resolutions to the contrary--just might be lured back to re-enlist in the fight.

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