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March 03, 2016



Interesting info, do you know where I can find similar information?


Best article I have read yet regarding radio & tech. But I don't want disruption. I want a transformation that completely changes the tech of radio but keeps the business in-tact.

Robin Solis

Again, I applaud and side with you, Mr. Rhoads. I love this saying--that I paraphrased based on something I read--that The future is recognized by artists far more frequently than scientists and then the rest of the world catches up. I also believe that the change can come from within-*only with* a little help from the bravest and brightest minds using the best technology. These people at first glance may look as they come from outside the industry...but if the people offering change are originally *from* the industry, are they considered from outside or inside? As with everything, there are subtle shades of gray in the argument that most people can't bother to decipher without help. AND that is why education is key to making these important, strategic decisions. Get informed not just from the people who come to you (marketing) but also from the people in the industry that you must seek out on your own. Making strategic decisions is thee hardest thing for a company head to do so it makes sense to seek out everybody associated with your industry first, before you look outside. Hope this makes sense.

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