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Roy Hammer

Condolences from Roy Hammer, Jim Hinkle and Mariluise Hutchinson Roy

Kevin Mess

I am so saddened to learn of Timothy's passing. He was one of my favorite teachers. What a terrific human being and gift to the art community. I will never forget his humor, his wit, his inspiration, and his charm. One of God's finest gone home.

Holly Hamby

My Dear Kristen, It has been some years since seeing you and Tim. I remember the good old times we had together. I am so sadened to hear about Tim. May God Bless You!
Love, Holly Hamby

Sandra R. Kirsch

Dear Kristen,

What shocking news to be reading my American Artist magazine and learn of Timothy's passing. I will be looking forward to the issue honoring his life and Art.

I met you and Timothy at the Sara Britt Art School, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the painting demonstration weekend, with C.W. Mundy.

That was such a great gathering. What fun being surrounded by your talented husband and the other talented Artists, in that beautiful place.

I also purchased your book and enjoyed your insightful views on our journey through life and the path to fulfilling one's dreams and desires.

I was also at the Scottsdale School about a year later taking a class from Jean Chambers. Timothy was there teaching and I enjoyed visiting briefly with him at that time.

My heartfelt sympathy to you over your loss. God will take care of you.

Sandra Kirsch



Judy Palermo

Even newbie painters know of Timothy Thies and his remarkable art- so short a span in this world.
Best wishes to his family.

Tom Tierney


God Bless Timothy. He is at peace, painting every day with a view that must be indescribable. Know that God is with him and you too! God is watching over you Kristen. Timothy's paintings ensure his legacy. You being you ensures yours. God Bless!

Tom Tierney

Kristen Thies

Dear Eric,
Thank you for the heartfelt post on my husband Timothy R. Thies. We both enjoyed the experience of meeting you and I know Timothy thought it was quite special to be the first to paint your portrait from Life.

For the record Timothy lived nearly three years after his surgery– longer than the Allopathic physicians prognosis.

We lived with joy each day and when the disease returned, he decided that treatment was no longer an option. Tim was only ill for the last three weeks of his life and passed peacefully in our home. Our dog Lilly and I were by his side as was a Hospice nurse.

We know that he is now completely healed and free!
I know he would prefer to be remembered for his wonderful legacy– his passion for painting Nature's color and Light.

We are touched by the tremendous outpouring of love. Thank you to all. For more information on the Art of Timothy R. Thies, please visit

Lisa Gleim

What a tragic loss for the arts community.
May he rest in peace.

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